Below is a message from the City on the Guidebook for Great Communities:

On behalf of the project team, I would like to share with you a few updates on the Guidebook for Great Communities.

At the November 2019 public hearing, Council asked Administration to “Communicate the vision and intent of the document with Calgary communities, in partnership with stakeholder groups, before the document becomes statutory.  This communication should include examples from pilot communities.”  Since November, staff have been busy testing the Guidebook and reaching out to diverse stakeholders to communicate the vision and intent of the document through a variety of avenues.  Testing has included applications reviews and testing through local area plan projects.  Outreach events have been held and will continue going forward to communicate the vision and intent of the Guidebook more broadly.  Outreach events to-date include:

Administration is revising the Guidebook based on the learnings and findings from the testing.  Some findings will be included in the next phase of updates as part of a sustainment process.  Current changes to the Guidebook include:


Changes to the Urban Form Classification (UFC) System:

The Guidebook is in the process of being revised based on the above, and the proposed document will be posted online at the week of February 24.  Once it is posted, we will let you know.

Staff continued to collaborate with related projects such as Heritage, Established Areas Growth and Change Strategy, and local area plans, to name a few.  Alignment and collaboration remain a top priority in our Next Generation Planning program.  Looking forward we will:

The Guidebook will be presented to Planning and Urban Development committee on March 4, 2020 (meeting starts at 9:30 am).  The public are welcome to speak at Committee.


See below for a summary of draft Guidebook Revisions

Since 2019 November, a number of changes to the Guidebook have been made as a direct result to the testing that has been done through the North Hill Communities Local Area Plan, as well as findings from the Heritage and Westbrook Communities Local Area Plans currently underway and through testing applications.
Below is a summary of the changes made to the Guidebook for Great Communities based on chapters:

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Urban Form Classification System

Direction for Local Area Plans, Section 2.32

Chapter 3

Built Form Policies

Development Policies

General Policies

Chapter 4



Below is a summary of potential changes for consideration in future amendments to the Guidebook for Great Communities, through the ongoing sustainment process:

Future consideration/Sustainment



If you have any questions, please direct them to  Please cc the Federation on your questions so we understand the conversation.

After you learn about the Guidebook, if you still feel your organization would like to have a say, here are the opportunities coming up:

  1. Call your Councillor
  2. Engage in the March 4 Standing Policy Committee on Planning and Urban Development (PUD) Meeting by:
    1. Writing a letter
    2. Attending and speaking
  3. Engage in the Public Hearing at Council on April 6 by:
    1. Writing a letter
    2. Attending and speaking

Remember if you write a letter, cc the Federation through Edward, our new planner