Guidebook for Great Communities and Questions about Single Detached Housing

We are working with the City to add an additional hour to our Partners in Planning sessions taking place January 11th and February 8th. The additional hour would be devoted to the Guidebook. We are also working on setting up a Community Planning Exchange, likely at the end of February, where the Guidebook will be discussed in the context of the new Local Area (District) Plans, as well as Established Areas Growth and Change initiative. Please encourage your members to register using our events calendar here. Our Workshop Guide is also on this page.

The North Hill Local Growth draft plan was released a few weeks ago – this is the first plan created using the Guidebook. Scroll down to “The Draft” tab to see the Plan and Maps – the Urban Form and Building Scale Maps provide a good visual of how the Guidebook for Great Communities is applied. The Guidebook, now in conjunction with the North Hill Plan, will go to PUD in March and Council in April.

Heritage and Westbrook Local Growth Plans are currently underway and the next steps include detailed work on the new Neighbourhood – Housing Limited Scale district, including implementation options for a the new district throughout the built-out areas, new bylaw districts, and the beginning of the “Calgary Code”. If you follow this link, and click on the second illustration, you can see the scale that is being proposed for the low-density district.