Guidebook for Great Communities

The Guidebook for Great Communities was presented at the Combined Meeting of Council on Monday, March 22nd, 2021. Council was faced with a decision to vote on the SPC on Planning and Urban Development’s (PUD) recommendation to approve the Guidebook for Great Communities.

The public hearing portion of the meeting took place over three days, finally finishing on Wednesday, March 24th. Council heard from a record number of members of the public – 138 in total.

Council ultimately voted on an amended motion as shown below. Motions 1 through 6 were passed by Council, while motion 7 was not passed.

The Guidebook will return to PUD on May 5th. There was also a motion arising from Councillor Gondek on the public hearing process moving forward, as shown below. This motion was passed by Council.

You can view the meeting minutes, as well as view the video of the entire meeting here.


North Hill Local Area Plan

The North Hill Local Area Plan was also presented at this Council meeting. Council heard from 24 members of the public during the public hearing portion of the meeting. The Council forwarded this item to the 2021 April 12 Combine Meeting of Council where they will make a decision on this plan.