Developed Areas Guidebook Amendments for September 2018 CPC Meeting

The DAG team will be going forward to CPC on September 20, PUD on October 1, and Council on November 12.  They are proposing amendments as follows:

  1. Employment – Industrial Flex building block
  2. Heritage policy amendments
  3. The amendment to policy 9.2.3 (b) (ii) to ensure that the Guidebook takes precedence over the Local Area Plan (Area Redevelopment Plan)
  4. The addition of two land use districts to the non-statutory section of the Guidebook in Table 4

CLICK HERE to view the full amendments. 

The Developed Areas Guidebook team will share a draft with Council that shows the work they have done so far. It will be made public in September and will be posted on the Federation Planning Updates. It will be for information and not for approval this year. Any concerns with what is contained in this draft are still up for discussion going forward.  The DAG team will be asking to return to PUD no later than the end of Q2, 2019 with the full amendments.